How Do I Upgrade To Windows 10?

Microsoft’s newest Operating System is a FREE upgrade to owners of Windows 7 or Windows 8 retail editions. If you have questions or need help, give us a call.

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Computer Running Slow?

Most people assume Malware is to blame but that is not always the case. We can evaluate your system, perform a cleanup and optimizations that will put a spring back in your computers step.

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Still Running Windows XP?

Tom’s Hardware has a good article on things you should be aware of and steps you should take if you are still running the unsupported Windows XP.

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Don’t Throw That Aging Computer Out Yet!

Everyday I have folks ask me if they should get rid of their aging, slow computer. In discussing their problems I usually discover the computer isn’t really all that old or would serve their purposes just fine if it worked “faster”. While computer...

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

We’ve helped several customers recently, both commercial and residential, to implement disaster recovery plans for their computer systems, so I thought I would share some thoughts on the subject. You see, we witness first-hand the pain, downtime and expense that...

Extreme Make-over Website Edition

We have moved our site to a more admin friendly design that will allow us to make timely changes and additions to the site with minimal effort. Much of the old content is gone but we hope to use the new format to start a fresh new site with useful information and...